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Expand your real estate knowledge - here are some of our latest blog posts to help you out. Selling your property or purchasing a new, dream house can become stress-free and exciting when you know what to expect!  
Closing can prove to be a hectic day. You’ll be required to sign what feels like a thousand documents and hand over possibly the biggest check you’ll ever sign. But the moment the keys are dropped in your hands makes it all worth it! So, how do you get to that point?All…
 While I love the aesthetic of light and airy spaces, opting for some dark and moody paint colors provides just the right amount of contrast. I’ve noticed that people sometimes have fears when incorporating darker hues into their homes, but moody walls add undeniable…

 A great way to add spice to your home is by changing up the flooring layout from traditional long panels to fun short panels! A flooring design like this one will help make the room feel larger by drawing the eye across the floor.  


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